About Grow Yoga School

Our teacher training programs offer 200 and 500-Hour Yoga Certification through Yoga Alliance, the national accrediting organization for yoga teachers. As a Teacher Trainee, you will get excellent instruction and extraordinary access to our teaching staff, as well as yoga teaching practice, hands on assisting practice and the creation of a lifelong community of friends. Over the past decade, we have trained hundreds of students to stand in their power and teach a strong, powerful yoga class.

Our trainings primarily focus on Power Flow Vinyasa, a dynamic and high-energy way to combine yoga posts through “vinyasa.” This style of yoga is a practice of meditation in movement, linking postures with breath in an intelligent sequence to create strength, flexibility, toned muscles and clarity of mind.

We are often asked if our teacher training is good for someone who only wants to dig deeper into their yoga practice, and the answer is YES! However, perhaps the accomplishment of which we are most proud is that trainees who graduate from our program are generally ready to TEACH. We believe, without exception, that the trainees who want to teach at the end of their teacher training graduate ready to do so.


Teacher training was such a meaningful experience. It's hard to describe the awareness it brings to your practice and your life. The bonds you form will last a lifetime and the benefits extend well beyond the classroom or yoga studio. I encourage everyone who asks me about it to take the leap. If you're thinking about it, you're ready.

LizClass of 2020

Teacher training was by far the greatest gift I could have given myself. I knew going in that I had the least amount of ‘on the mat’ experience in the group, so I was prepared to work hard. I was NOT prepared for how much I would grow and change as a person or in my practice. I gained a group of sisters that I will feel forever connected to. Teacher training was so much more than just teaching us how to “teach a class”. Teacher training taught me how to connect to ME again! I chose to “trust the process” and let go of any limits I put on myself going in. I chose to be a YES! As a result, I’m a stronger person, my personal practice is stronger, my courage and faith in myself is stronger, and my life as a whole is changed forever.

IzzyClass of 2018

My TT experience exceeded all my expectations. It was a journey that made me realize what yoga meant to me and how I could apply that to teaching and to my personal practice.

JillClass of 2019

My teacher training experience with Grow Yoga School and Hot Yoga Plus has been filled with growth, love, gratitude, and so much more. The Hot Yoga Plus community has made such a difference in my life since I began my yoga practice, and through teacher training, I was given the tools to positively impact the lives of others through yoga. The teachers created an enriching environment that allowed each trainee to find their authentic selves and connect with one another. I am forever grateful for this experience, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to serve others through yoga.

Leah MargaretClass of 2019